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Common Water Heater Problems

One of the most convenient modern inventions, the water heater makes our lives better every day. However, as any homeowner or maintenance man knows, common water heater problems can throw the whole building into disarray until resolved. With a few quick and easy troubleshooting tips, find out if you’re experiencing one of the most common […]

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TPO: Fully Adhered or Mechanically Fasten?

Generally, roofs are fixed to buildings in one of these two most popular ways: fully adhered or mechanically fastened. Roofs that are set through either one of those methods rest on top of an insulation layer that sits between a metal deck and the roof, which is attached to the structure below it. It’s important […]

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Choosing a Projector For Your Home Theater

While a big TV can be enough for home entertainment systems setup, opting for a home theater projector with a massive display screen can elevate your home movie experience to new heights. Did you know that projectors were invented more than a century ago? However, they were only used for commercial and business applications. With […]

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