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TPO: Fully Adhered or Mechanically Fasten?

Generally, roofs are fixed to buildings in one of these two most popular ways: fully adhered or mechanically fastened. Roofs that are set through either one of those methods rest on top of an insulation layer that sits between a metal deck and the roof, which is attached to the structure below it. It’s important […]

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Choosing a Projector For Your Home Theater

While a big TV can be enough for home entertainment systems setup, opting for a home theater projector with a massive display screen can elevate your home movie experience to new heights. Did you know that projectors were invented more than a century ago? However, they were only used for commercial and business applications. With […]

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Plumbing Issues in Older Homes and How to Fix Them

When you picture your ideal home, you have a particular style in mind. Layout, paint color, the number of rooms – these are the common aspects you are envisioning. Often, when buying a house, you may have to go for an older or pre-owned home; thus, the mechanics of older or pre-owned houses should be […]

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