What Is an NWFA-Certified Hardwood Flooring Company?

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Nowadays, it appears that most homeowners believe they can DIY a wood floor installation. If they are a savvy DIY homeowner, they must think that they don’t hire a hardwood flooring company.

The truth is proper flooring installation takes more than just watching a 10-minute video tutorial. Professional flooring installers have the necessary equipment, experience, and expertise to complete a flooring project.

They know how to differentiate between different wood species and finishes. They know how to get the wood acclimated. Wood floor installation projects entail a lot of components – to get it done correctly.

Furthermore, a professional hardwood flooring company must be certified by the National Wood Flooring Association.

What does it mean to be NWFA-Certified?

NWFA provides certifications to a hardwood flooring company. Whether it’s for installers, wood flooring inspectors, sand and finishers, and wood flooring sales advisors.

Simply put, to get an NWFA certification is equivalent to being acclaimed as a competent and proficient hardwood flooring company. An NWFA-certified flooring specialist is someone who has undertaken comprehensive training and education in the field.

An NWFA certification is a nationally recognized benchmark specified to a particular skill set in the wood flooring industry,

An NWFA-certified flooring professional gets tested and reviewed by regional instructors. Their abilities and performance are graded by these instructors – and is on a pass or fail scoring.

When a flooring professional passes the test, that’s when they obtain the NWFA certification. The NWFA also puts out continuing education, training, and workshops for all flooring professionals who want to expand their skills.

Hire an NWFA-certified flooring installer.

It’s beneficial for flooring professionals to go through training and workshops sponsored by the NWFA.

By doing so, they can stay up-to-date with the latest in the flooring industry and provide high-quality work to their clients.

The NWFA offers the following:

  • Certified NWFA Installer
  • Certified NWFA Sand and Finisher
  • Certified NWFA Sales Advisor
  • Certified NWFA Flooring Inspector

All professionals obtaining an NWFA certified pledges to the Code of Professional Conduct. This agreement confirms that all NWFA certification holders must abide by and acknowledge the Code. They are also held accountable for any wrongdoings through a complaint process.

Certified NWFA Installer

To be certified in installation, a flooring professional must have a minimum experience of three years in the business.

A flooring professional must also complete the installation courses offered by the NWFA University and hands-on exam that’s administered by an NWFA member.

Certified NWFA Sand and Finisher

Similar to being a Certified NWFA Installer, to obtain an NWFA certification in sanding and finishing, a professional must have a minimum of three years of work experience. There are also courses offered at the NWFA University about this skillset. A professional must also have successfully completed the hand-on exam administered by the NWFA representative.

To keep these certifications, there are mandatory continuing certification units that professionals must obtain annually. These certification units can be acquired by attending NWFA training events, featured courses on the NWFA University, or webinars.

Acquiring these certification units ensures that the flooring professional is updated with the latest innovations and techniques in the flooring industry.

Being a Certified Installer and Certified Sand and Finisher is invaluable. It’s what will separate your hardwood flooring company from your competitors. Earning these certifications will attest to your competence and professionalism – which will ultimately what gets you clients.

These certifications demonstrate your initiative to invest in expanding your knowledge and improving your skills as a flooring professional.

Professional flooring installers have the knowledge and equipment needed to finish the job.

An NWFA certification also helps garner market share with your desired clientele. Many contractors, vendors, and homeowners strongly believe in working with tradespeople certified by a nationally recognized organization.

They know the importance of employing the services of certified professionals – and they are willing to pay more for them. The NWFA website has a list of certified professionals across the country. This list is available to the public. If you’re thinking about hiring a hardwood flooring company, check the NWFA site first to check if the company is an NWFA-certified one.

Certified NWFA Sales Advisor

This certification ensures that a flooring salesperson is knowledgeable with the specific materials, flooring techniques, and maintenance procedures that meet the needs of the client.

To obtain a sales certification, the individual must complete the sales courses offered by the NWFA University and earn three certification units annually.

Certified NWFA Wood Floor Inspector

This is the most challenging certification to obtain. To be a wood floor inspector, all hands-on training and education courses must be obtained. This part is where it gets extremely technical, and professionals must prepare when taking this certification.