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Indoor Enjoyment

“Bob Blodgett is a savvy writer for home theater technologies. Being a home theater installer and designer himself, Bob always provides useful and practical tips that have been a tremendous help in the way we do our job.”

 – Custom Integrators

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Handsome Flooring

“Way to go FairGamePlame.com! Thanks for always finding interesting viewpoints when it comes to topics about our field. Keep up the great work!”

Definitive Designs Flooring

Fortified Place

“We always look forward to new articles from Bob Blodgett. We recommend the site to fellow professionals and DIYers alike.”


Out of Order No More

“When you want expert tips and advice on plumbing and other home improvement matters, Contractors’ Corner has it all. It’s our go-to resource for all things plumbing.”

 – Shelton Plumbing

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Prompt Repair

“We can honestly say that the articles on FairGamePlame.com truly inspires us to be better at our job. At the end of the day, it’s about providing the best service to our clients, and this site always does a great job of reminding us that.”

Sprinklers Save Lives

“Aside from the latest news and great tips, we love the awesome site design of Contractors’ Corner. We can easily navigate the pages and read articles that are useful to us. “

– A-1 Fire & Security Equipment

Special Equipment for Automatic Fire - Sprinklers

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